Herzog & de Meuron

Herzog & de Meuron, in collaboration with SpinaOrourke + Partners and Enea Garden Design has designed a new residential project for a site adjacent to Currie Park in West Palm Beach, Florida. The project is the first step towards the realization of the teamโ€™s mixed-use Currie Park Master Plan.

The project consists of two towers embedded within a lush park-like landscape extending from Currie Park on the east to the surrounding residential neighborhood on the west. One hundred and fifty-two apartments with extensive shaded terraces will share parking, residential and public amenities within a low plinth designed to minimize the impact on the surrounding streets and neighborhood. Tropical planting and views are prioritized over the standard elevated podium.

The Currie Park project provides a resilient approach to the specific conditions of the South Florida climate. Extensive shaded terraces, space for PV cells in the facade, and rainwater collection features are all prominent components of the architecture. At street level, an extensive park-like landscape enhances the pedestrian experience while an activated, public street-level program binds the project to the city around it.




1370 South Ocean, LLC, Mr. Jeff Greene, US, Palm Beach, 95 North County Road
Design Consultant : Herzog & de Meuron Basel Ltd, Switzerland, Basel
Architect of Record: Spina O'Rourke + Partners Architecture Interior Design Inc., United States, West Palm Beach
Structural Engineering: McNamara Salvia, United States, West Palm Beach
MEP Engineering: Consulting Engineering Services, United States, Fort Lauderdale
Landscape Architect: Enea Garden Design Inc., United States, Miami
Specialist / Consulting
Land-Use Planning & Legal Advice: Shutts & Bowen LLP, United States, West Palm Beach
Land-use Planning: Insite Studio, United States, West Palm Beach
Vertical Circulation Consulting: Lerch Bates, United States, Tampa
Civil Engineering: Reikenis & Associates, LLC, United States, West Palm Beach
Building Code Consulting (incl. accessibility and envelope): Universal Engineering Sciences, United States, Port St. Lucie
Traffic Consulting: PTC Transportation Consultants, United States, West Palm Beach
Geotechnic Consulting: ECS Florida LLC, United States, West Palm Beach
Smoke Protection Consulting: SLS Consulting, LLC, United States, Coral Gables
Visualisations: Aron Lorinz Ateliers, Hungary, Budapest
Visualisations: XAOS GmbH, Switzerland, Basel
Waste: Waste Management, United States, Florida Territory
General Contractor : Chang Construction Consulting
Building Data
Site Area: 195'700 sqft, 18'181 sqm
Gross floor area (GFA): 1'713'000 sqft, 159'143 sqm
GFA above ground: 1'601'600 sqft, 148'793 sqm
GFA below ground: 111'400 sqft, 10'349 sqm
Net floor area: 667'044 sqft, 61'970 sqm
Number of levels: 31
Footprint: 118'800 sqft, 11'036 sqm
Length: 577 ft, 175 m
Width: 316 ft, 96 m
Height: 376 ft, 114 m