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Image Codes

The image codes are composed of a project number plus an abbreviation for the image category, year and month, image number and, if applicable, the photographer’s initials. For example: 253_CO_0709_112_XY.

The abbreviations for the image categories are as follows:
AN Animation
CO Construction
CP Completion
DR Drawing
DT Detail Drawing
EV Event
MO Model
MU Mock-up
PT Prototype
SI Site Context
VD Video

The abbreviations for the publication categories are as follows:
CAT Catalog
MAG Magazine
MON Monograph
NWS News

Image & Translation Credits

For all images not credited to Herzog & de Meuron, the full credit line is available by clicking on the copyright symbol in the lower right corner of the image. Please contact us should you have any corrections.


Translation from French to English: Margie Mounier, Alan Waite
Translation from German to English: Catherine Schelbert, Ishbel Flett, David Wade
Translation from Spanish to English: Jamie L. Benyei


Project Team Website


Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Meuron, Simon Demeuse (Partner in Charge), Christine Binswanger, Esther Zumsteg

Project Team

Ana Laureano Alves (Project Manager), Casper Clausen, Isabela Ferrari Rey Carneiro, Donald Mak, Amanda Sachs-Mangold, Josias Müller-Laskowska, Victor Tessler, Steffen Riegas, Fabrizia Vecchione, Edward Wang, Markus Weder, Hao Wu


Rasso Hilber


Fertig Design

Geometric by Ronnie Fueglister

Suisse Works by Swiss Typefaces