Herzog & de Meuron

A New Stadium For Chelsea F.C

The Polygonal Shape

The exterior mass of the building is a faceted polygonal shape. The polygonal form maximizes the building footprint and responds in section and plan to the rights of lights requirements from the adjacent properties and from the context of the surrounding residential neighbourhood.

The Circular Roof Ring

A ‘form-found tension ring’ collects and supports 132 radial steel roof trusses that span 50 meters over the bowl. The roof is both structurally and visually efficient, protecting the spectators while containing the atmosphere and excitement of the game.

The Vertical Brick Piers

The polygonal shape of the stadium is articulated by 264 vertical brick piers (132 main piers and 132 interim piers), which are the continuation of the steel roof trusses, starting from the roof ring down to the building’s base. These brick piers structurally support the stadium while visually breaking down its scale. This aspect, along with the traditional London stock brick, helps to integrate the stadium into the borough and greater London area. Toward the bottom, the bricks piers are carved in to create a tapering. This reduction creates more space at the entrances and relieves the mass at particular locations for both functional and aesthetic purposes.

The Crozier Facade Infill

Inspired by the staff on the historic Chelsea badge, the iron croziers are inserted in between the brick piers, unifying the expression of the facade. The iron infill is backed with glass or metal screens, creating an efficient visual and acoustic barrier between the stadium and the neighbourhood.

The Expanded Public Space

Over the cut-outs for the railway, 23,000 sqm of additional public plazas have been created, improving connectivity and increasing public access to the site from Stamford Bridge and Fulham Broadway Station. Underneath the entire cover of the railroad, arch-spaces activate the public plazas, and will be used for shops, restaurants, and a Chelsea museum.

The Grand Entrance Halls

Four General Admission halls and one VIP entrance hall are distributed evenly around the perimeter of the building, allowing the efficient circulation of spectators. Visitors enter the open arched entrance halls from the main approach paths through serial openings in the vertical brick piers. Each of the five entrances has a unique visual identity expressed in the hall’s sectional quality and plan layout.

The Traditional Four Stands

The stands consist of three stacked seating tiers divided into four quadrants. Capacity is increased from 41,798 to 60,078 spectators ensuring optimal visual quality and comfort. Compactness and maximum safety considerations, coupled with a four-sided arrangement taken from traditional English football stadia, amplifies the game day atmosphere, keeping the sound in and bringing the spectators as close to the pitch as possible. Merging the identity and colours of the team with the materiality of the bowl and roof amplifies the intensity of the Chelsea F.C. atmosphere. Chelsea Blue.

The Integrated Program

The program zone wraps around the exterior perimeter of the stadium becoming an interface between the theatre of the match and the plazas. Approximately 60,000 sqm of program, including lounges, kiosks, and VIP amenities add activity to the stadium’s interior across the concourses. VIP program includes 51 boxes with a capacity of 866 spectators.

Herzog & de Meuron, 2016