Herzog & de Meuron

Influenced by the observation on the earlier scheme on 1979 – 1982, the programme was changed to consist only of open-air pools, now made visible as vessels standing in the landscape. Beneath the overhangs were to be contained the changing rooms and ancillary spaces in timber enclosures. The conceptual simplicity and direct forms contrast markedly with the more differentiated composition of its predecessor. The programmatic and formal concentration of the open-air pool continues the attitude of searching for the synthesis of idea and simple form seen in the Stone House or the House for an Art Collector.

Herzog & de Meuron, 1995




Gemeinde Riehen
Structural Engineering: Helmut Pauli, IngenieurbĂĽro Schaub, Basel, Switzerland
Specialist / Consulting
Pool Specialist: Bernd Kannewischer, Zug, Switzerland
Building Data
Site Area: 49'513 sqft, 4'600 sqm
Gross volume (GV): 204'825 cbft, 5'800 cbm


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