Herzog & de Meuron

Silja Ebert is an Associate since 2018. She first joined Herzog & de Meuron for an internship in 2004, returning in 2007 to our Basel office where she worked on projects of various scales including the Atelier in DĂĽsseldorf. She moved to the US in 2010, working the following four years on the construction documents of the PĂ©rez Art Museum in Miami and overseeing its construction until completion. She was primarily responsible for the interior fit-out of the museum, and developed custom furniture, light fixtures, and textiles. Since returning to Basel, she continues to contribute with her specialized knowledge of interiors to projects such as Kinderspital ZĂĽrich and Roche Building 2, but also applies her in-depth knowledge of museums as Project Manager for Brooks Museum in Memphis. Since 2020, Silja has been building up and leading Interiors, a specialized workgroup within Herzog & de Meuron that focuses on all matters related to the interiors of our buildings.

She studied at Technische Universität in Berlin and at ETH Zurich.