Herzog & de Meuron

Nicholas Lyons first joined Herzog & de Meuron in 1998 to 1999 as an intern on various institutional projects including the Kunsthaus Aargauer Extension, the Laban Dance Centre, and the De Young Museum. After graduating from the University of Stuttgart in 2000 with a Diploma of Architecture and Engineering, he returned to Herzog & de Meuron as an Architect in the Basel office. From 2000 onward he was part of the design team which then moved to the Barcelona office in 2001 for the realization of Forum 2004.

After returning to Basel in 2004 he was the Project Architect of the Elbphilharmonie, relocating to Hamburg in 2006 for overseeing the development phase and construction until its completion. In 2007 he became an Associate of the firm and since 2008 took on the role of a Project Manager. He further led the Elbphilharmonie planning consortium from 2012 on as Project Manager in all aspects of construction and its artistic supervision.

From January 2017 on, Nicholas led the design team of the Berlin residential projects Am Tacheles in Basel, guided their transfer from Basel to the newly established Berlin subsidiary and co-managed the Herzog & de Meuron Berlin office on site with the project and the team. Since May 2019, Nicholas’ main role has been that of Project Manager for the design and planning of the new building of the Neue Nationalgalerie – Museum des 20. Jahrhunderts in Berlin.