Herzog & de Meuron

Mathieu Bujnowskyj joined Herzog & de Meuron in 2012 for an internship and returned in 2017 as architect in the kitchen – a multidisciplinary team focusing on a wide range of communication objectives. He became increasingly involved in the conception and production of exhibitions, including augmented media. Notable projects include Herzog & de Meuron, Royal Academy of Arts, Prada Resort 2019, The Incredible World of Photography, Exploring SongEun Art Space. Mathieu was also involved on the early conception and further development of the Kabinett as a permanent display. He was appointed Lead kitchen & Brand Development in 2022.

Mathieu studied at the Lyon School of Architecture and the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne where he received his Master’s degree in Architecture in 2016. He previously worked independently as Fellow Architect at the CCA Kitakyushu, Japan.