Herzog & de Meuron


The collaborative way of working between Partners in the design process has been developed over many years, allowing the practice to grow whilst pursuing its distinctive innovative spirit. The management structure follows similar cooperative principles.

Herzog & de Meuron is owned by its active Partners, including the founders. An ongoing intergenerational succession plan ensures the long-term transition of ownership to those Partners who run the practice.

Partners are architects who manage a portfolio of projects with a geographic or typological focal point. Each project is led by a Partner in Charge and is accompanied by one or more “Coupling Partners”, the latter giving higher level input and acting as sounding boards throughout the project’s design lifecycle. Through this, we continuously reinforce the quality of all aspects of a project.

Entrepreneurial leadership at Herzog & de Meuron is in the hands of the Partners and the CEO. They serve as members of the Strategic and the Executive Boards. Additional expertise is brought to the Executive Board by Heads of the Business Departments.


The international group of H&dM Associates consists of experienced architects with a wide range of talents and backgrounds who bring in their expertise in design and project management. They collaborate with Partners and Business Departments through the project’s set-up, design and delivery. They are the daily interface to clients, authorities, external consultants and builders. The Associates are central in providing the high service level that Herzog & de Meuron stands for. Next to their focus on projects, Associates cultivate the flow of information across the company, lead and teach the younger generation of colleagues, and participate in major strategic initiatives.

Project Teams

Project teams sit at the heart of HdM. They are where our thinking, our spirit and our practice come alive. Each project team is specially assembled – individuals are chosen from across the practice for their relevant skills, talent and expertise to fit the project’s typology, the specific phase it’s in, and the project location. Some members, especially the leaders, stay for the entire duration of a project, while others support in specific moments for a specific phase. With their varying forms and make ups, project teams shape and fuel the daily culture and energy of the practice.

Business Departments

A number of departments within H&dM provide the support required for our architectural projects. Led by Business Heads, these teams assess prospective projects and clients, find talented individuals, provide legal and financial expertise, implement the digital tools required across our entire company and communicate our built and un-built work both internally and externally. The Departments are coordinated by the CEO.