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ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Following our competition win in 2020, the conversion of the UBS building at Zurich’s Paradeplatz 6 officially started in early March of this year. This ambitious project seeks to transform the once solid and enclosed city block into a vibrant urban space. Set to unfold over the next few years, the ground floor will undergo a transformation, opening its doors to the city with an array of new programs related to culture, retail, and gastronomy. Completion is slated for the end of 2026.

The project will retain most of the existing structure while creating two verdant inner courtyards and adding a new wing along Bärengasse. This extension will house open-plan offices and a spacious atrium. Emphasizing connectivity, the project introduces new public passages and cross-links, enhancing the building as both a workplace and a communal space.

The city block harmonizes a strict, repetitive façade with soft, sculptural elements like spiral staircases within. Regrettably, many of the modern-classical interiors have faded with time, leaving only a few elements to reflect the building’s original elegance. Remnants such as the staircases and the Schalterhalle inspire new architectural solutions in different areas of our project.

Moreover, the incorporation of lush green spaces fosters a pleasant microclimate, one measure among several to create a sustainable building. The resource-conserving redesign creates flexible and high-quality workspaces for the bank’s Global Wealth Management, aiming for LEED Platinum certification.

Paradeplatz 6

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