Herzog & de Meuron

MEMPHIS, TN, USA, 21 May 2019 โ€“ Memphis Brooks Museum of Art has selected Herzog & de Meuron as design consultant for its new $105 million facility overlooking the Mississippi River in downtown Memphis. The Memphis-based archimania will serve as Architect of Record. The news was announced today by the institution, the oldest and largest art museum in Tennessee.

โ€œWe have selected Herzog & de Meuron to partner with us because we respect their design philosophy: each project design evolves from a different and fitting formal response to the site and is then realized with unrivaled sensitivity to materials and craftsmanship,โ€ says executive director Emily Ballew Neff. โ€œWeโ€™re embarking on a journey to create a landmark that will have enormous impact.โ€

High atop a natural stone bluff, the new museum will face westward towards the Mississippi River and the Arkansas floodplain. At 112,000 sqft, about 25% larger in size than the existing facility, the program provides expanded galleries that will showcase the permanent collection and temporary exhibitions and purpose-designed spaces that will provide needed classrooms, theater, dining facility and museum store. Collections storage and art handling areas will more than double. A sculpture garden will provide opportunities for changing displays of works of art as well as for civic gatherings and public performances.

โ€œWe are thrilled to have been selected to work on the new Brooks,โ€ says Jacques Herzog, co-founder of Herzog & de Meuron. โ€œIn writing the next chapter for the Brooks Museum and its collection, we have to look to the future, while being cognizant of a rich history.โ€

โ€œWe are very impressed with the spirit of Memphis and its people. The Brooks on the bluff has the potential to become a truly civic building where the people of Memphis will not only go for encounters with great art, but also to meet, hang out, and enjoy the many offerings of a highly public cultural building at an outstanding site.โ€

โ€” Ascan Mergenthaler, Senior Partner and Partner in Charge

The Brooksโ€™ building project is primarily privately funded, with a substantial portion of the cost already secured from individual patrons and arts supporters. The museum anticipates that it will take four to five years to design and build the facility.

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