Herzog & de Meuron

BASEL, SWITZERLAND, 19 February 2020 — Today the cornerstone ceremony for the Roche pRED Center (pharmaceutical Research and Early Development) took place in the presence of Roche CEO Severin Schwan, Site Head Jürg Erismann, and Pierre de Meuron. The event on the construction site is a milestone in the realization of the new building complex, which will define the new gateway to the Roche Basel site.

The research center consists of four independent buildings that will replace a single, large office building that no longer met the company’s needs. A decisive factor in developing the company premises is their integration into the urban residential area of northwest Basel. The development on the edge of the premises responds to the scale of the surrounding neighborhood. The density of construction is concentrated in the middle of the site where the tallest buildings of the pRED Center are located. These rise in steps of 114 m, 71 m, and 26 m up to a height of 18 m facing west, thus establishing an urban link to the residential buildings in the neighborhood.

The complex will complement Building 1, which opened in 2015, and Building 2, which is currently under construction, too. Buildings 06 and 07 are the tallest laboratory high-rises ever designed. Buildings 04 and 05 contain offices, a convention center and catering facilities.

A “campus feeling” will be created by linking the individual buildings with a green outdoor area on the ground floor, and by creating a transparent working atmosphere that promotes exchange and facilitates innovation.

According to current planning, completion is scheduled for 2023.

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