Herzog & de Meuron

BASEL, SWITZERLAND, 19 September 2019 – Around 17 years after the completion of REHAB Basel, Centre for Spinal Cord and Brain Injuries, the opening of the day clinic on the building’s roof was celebrated yesterday after a construction period of around seven months. At the opening, Christine Binswanger said: “The extension is a discreet insertion, because we based the architectural details of the façade and interior fittings on the existing REHAB. Only when you take a very close look, can you tell that a further development was made at a later stage.”

This is the first extension since the building was completed in 2002: a 300 sqm pavilion on top of the building that enables further functional moves within the building. Technically, the extension on the roof was possible because the supporting structure had already been designed for possible extension during its original construction.

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