Architectures of Herzog & de Meuron. Portraits by Thomas Ruff
Peter Blum Gallery, Soho, New York, New York, USA
 Exhibition  5 June − 5 September 1994

At the Venice Biennial we came to understand that there exists a real affinity between Ruff’s work and our own, between this way of seeing and our own. For us, his portraits of our least spectacular buildings are very successful, those building which at first sight seem extremely banal as, for the example the Ricola storage building, or the student housing in Dijon [...]. For Venice, Ruff made only one, very elongated image: a portrait of the Ricola storage building. He then did seven more for the exhibition at Peter Blum’s in New York. We presented all of them within a single space, with four models of four of the buildings seen in the photos. Together, the huge photos, in their perfect surrounds, bearing the obvious mark of Thomas Ruff, our models with their hint of artisanal craftsmanship, made for a special atmosphere. Given that we worked out the installation of the works together with Thomas, you could say that it was really a Thomas Ruff exhibition, just as much as an H&de M exhibition. The visual and sensorial side of our work was enhanced.[...] At the same time, and in two different places within this immense town, a primarily visual installation at the Peter Blum gallery, and a more conceptual one at the Swiss Institute, was a fascinating thing to do.
Herzog & de Meuron, 1995


Rémy Zaugg: Herzog & de Meuron. An Exhibition. Edited by: Kunsthaus Bregenz. Exh. Cat. Herzog & de Meuron. Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris. 8 March - 22 May 1995. Ostfildern-Ruit, Hatje Cantz, 1996. (= archiv architektur kunst. Art and Architecture: A Dialogue), pp. 15-16.


Architectures of Herzog & de Meuron. Portraits by Thomas Ruff. Exh. Cat. Herzog & de Meuron and Thomas Ruff. Peter Blum Gallery Soho, New York, USA. 5 June - 5 September 1994. 2nd ed. New York, Peter Blum, 1995, p. 27.


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