Herzog & de Meuron. Exploring SongEun Art Space.
ST International HQ and SONGEUN Art Space
Seoul, Korea
30 September - 20 November 2021



To make an exhibition about architecture is, and remains, difficult because architecture functions in its entirety and can be fully experienced only on the site itself. We have been searching for methods to offer visitors their own way of engaging with it ever since our first exhibition, Architektur Denk­form, at the Architekturmuseum in Basel in 1988.


Here in Seoul, it is crucial to us – as the exhibition title Exploring SongEun Art Space expresses – that the architectural spaces in which we present something are opened to the public for the first time. The exhibition display follows the careful sequence of spaces and offers a stroll through indoor and outdoor areas, the galleries above and below ground. In anticipation of future possibilities, this inaugural exploration allows us to test the potential of hosting various artistic media in the building, from traditional hangings with paintings and photographs to newer and alternative formats such as video, projections, augmented reality, and even smell.


Our particular interest in video and related filmic forms is part of a continuing debate about ques­tions of perception, representation, and realities of architecture: “Video images are interesting because they relate to real life. As in photography, their pictorial reality expresses things and acts that look real, so suddenly we found ourselves with a tool that would allow us to express our ideas on architecture in a contemporary form even without a concrete commission – and much more successfully than by using classical means of representation like models, plans, and drawings.”1


We deliberately concentrate on immaterial themes and thought constructs to which we have long been com­mitted, consistently revisiting them and acquiring new insights. Hence, we also present selected works from our past with a specific focus on the field of art: many films, conversations, and videos with artists, including our extended collaborations with Rémy Zaugg and Thomas Ruff.

Herzog & de Meuron, 2021

(1) Jacques Herzog in conversation with Jeff Wall, moderated by Philip Ursprung (Basel, November 2003), in: Pictures of Architecture. Architecture of Pictures. A Conversation between Jacques Herzog and Jeff Wall. Edited by: Cristina Bechtler. Vienna / New York, Springer, 2004, pp. 11-69, p.13.


Herzog & de Meuron Team:

Partners: Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Meuron, Martin Knüsel (Partner in charge Project 473), Andreas Fries (Project 473), Esther Zumsteg (Partner in charge Exhibition),

Project team: Donald Mak (Associate), Roman Aebi, Mathieu Bujnowskyj, Martin Cassani, Ainsley Johnston, Stefanie Manthey, Coltrane McDowell, Günter Schwob, David Nunes Solomon, Victor Tessler, Fabrizia Vecchione.


Exhibition Concept:

Herzog & de Meuron, with Team SONGEUN Art and Cultural Foundation


Exhibition Graphic Design:

Sulki and Min


SONGEUN Art and Cultural Foundation Team:

Sang-Duck Yoo (Chairman of the Board), YoungKwan Kwon (Auditor General), Hyoung-Jung Yoo (Head of Art Management Planning Team), Laurencina Farrant-Lee (Artistic Director).

In association with Laurence Geoffrey’s Ltd. art consultant: Laurencina Farrant-Lee (Partner), Haeni Park (Senior Project Manager), Chae Won Lee (Project Manager), Kyusung Hwang (Project Manager), Minjee Kim (Communications and Public Engagement Coordinator), YeEun Lim (Administrative Assistant), Hyerin Jeong (Facilitator of First Impressions).


AR Consultants:

Bandara VR GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland
Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality


Installation Team:

L&B Fine Art, Seoul Artln, Seoul



The exhibition and publication benefited from the financial support from:

Janghak E&C · Janghak Design Co., Ltd.

PRO HELVETIA Swiss Arts Council



Herzog & de Meuron, SONGEUN Art and Cultural Foundation: Herzog & de Meuron. Exploring 473. Edited by: Mortiz Küng. SONGEUN Art and Cultural Foundation, Seoul, 2021. Vol. No. 1-6.

Six-volume box edition published on the occasion of the inaugural exhibition Herzog & de Meuron. Exploring SongEun Art Space at ST SONGEUN Building, Seoul, 30 September - 20 November, 2021.


Philipp Meier: In Seoul streicheln sie jetzt Häuser. Südkoreas Hauptstadt ist der neue Kunst-Hub Ostasiens - dazu trägt auch ein ungewöhnlicher Ort von Herzog & de Meuron bei. In: Eric Guyer (Ed.). Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Zürich, Neue Zürcher Zeitung AG, 29.11.2021. p. 30.


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