Power Station
San Francisco, California, USA
Project 2019 —

On a former industrial site along the bay, Power Station consists of the adaptive reuse of an early 20th century brick power plant, known as “Station A”, that once supplied power to the city of San Francisco. The turbine hall space will be largely retained. The massive concrete turbine foundations will support new structure for the lightweight steel-framed addition above and will, themselves, become programmed spaces. The platforms which once supported machinery for power generation will house gathering spaces overlooking the open Turbine Hall.  Exterior overhangs, natural ventilation strategies and the straightforward, efficient structure of the upper addition contribute toward the goal of sustainably repurposing this relic of heavy industry.


This project was developed in collaboration with an architect licensed in California acting as the "Architect of Record". Herzog & de Meuron is not licensed to practice architecture in the state of California.

Herzog & de Meuron Team:
Partners: Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Meuron, Jason Frantzen (Partner in Charge), Simon Demeuse
Project Team: Maximilian Beckenbauer (Associate, Project Director), Ryan Cole (Project Manager), Marion Achach, Alessandro Arcangeli, Iwona Boguslawska, Ahmed Fetahu, Carly Dean, Josh Ehrlich, Carly Gertler, Ciarán Grogan, Josh Helin, Brandon Lawry, Richard Nelson-Chow
Concept Phase: Maximilian Beckenbauer (Associate, Project Director), Ryan Cole (Project Manager), Bruno de Almeida Martins, Carla Ferrando, Brandon Lawry, David Goncalves Monteiro, Richard Nelson-Chow, Alexander Pearson, Matteo Zapparoli


California Barrel Company LLC, San Francisco, CA, USA

Design Consultant: Herzog & de Meuron, Basel, Switzerland
Executive Architect: Adamson Associates, Inc., Los Angeles, CA, USA