1111 Lincoln Road Extension
Miami Beach, Florida, USA
Project 2014-2015, realization 2016-2018

1111 Lincoln Road was conceived as a framework for changing activities and uses. After several years of successful operation and the economic transformation of Lincoln Road's western terminus, it became feasible to further activate the development with a renovation of the existing project and an addition of a new building containing retail and residential units on the empty parcel to the north of the former Suntrust office building. The new building balances two seemingly contradictory objectives.  On the one hand, it requires a strong and clear identity in order to attract pedestrian traffic from Lincoln Road. On the other, its architecture should extend the existing masterplan while not competing with the 1111 parking garage.


The resulting building is a non-descript white box that is a twin of the two-story bank and residential building on Alton Road. Along Lenox Ave to the east, new retail spaces have all-glass storefronts and four 10 meter tall operable steel "gates" with vitrine like apertures that both protect the large windows from hurricane winds and create a strong visual identity towards the Lincoln Road mall. The appearance of the building changes as the gates are individually opened and closed. Behind the shops a restaurant with open-air courtyard seating is accessed through a singular pivoting wall further animating the adjacent Lincoln Lane.


Two courtyard residences are located on the upper floor. The units are a hybrid between the adjacent two-story building's four courtyard houses and the terraced penthouse residence atop the garage. As in the introverted houses before, there are no external views on this site but a series of courtyards provide ample connection to the exterior. The units are organized so that every primary space has a corresponding terrace with landscaping.


The project involves four additional interventions: the conversion of one office level into parking and a restaurant including a bridge to the 1111 parking garage; the renovation of the office building entry lobby; the creation of a new stair and retail kiosk overlooking Lincoln Road pedestrian mall; and updates to various aspects of the penthouse residence atop the parking garage.

Herzog & de Meuron, 2019


This project was developed in collaboration with an architect licensed in the state of Florida acting as the "Architect of Record". Herzog & de Meuron is not licensed to practice architecture in the state of Florida.


Herzog & de Meuron Team:

Partners: Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Meuron, Christine Binswanger, Jason Frantzen (Partner in Charge)

Project Team: Federica von Euw (Project Manager), Ryan Cole (Project Manager)

Arrate Abaigar Villota, Timothee Boitouzet, Maximilian Beckenbauer, Viorela Bogatu, Santiago Espitia Berndt, Xin Li, Charles Stone (Associate), André Vergueiro



Robert Wennett



Design Consultant: Herzog & de Meuron, Basel, Switzerland
Executive Architect: Charles H. Benson Architects, Miami Beach, USA
Landscape Design: Raymond Jungles, Miami, USA
Mechanical Engineering: Lauredo Engineering Co., Miami, USA
Structural Engineering: Optimus Structural Design LLC, Miami Lakes, USA

Building Data:

Site Area: 11,806 sqft / 1,097 sqm
Gross Floor Area (GFA): 20,200 sqft / 1,877 sqm
Footprint: 10,180 sqft / 946 sqm
Length: 133 ft / 41 m
Width: 77 ft / 23 m
Height: 32 ft / 10 m
Gross Volume (GV): 327,712 cbft / 9,280 cbm
Facade Surface: 13,440 sqft / 1,249 sqm


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