Leroy Street
New York, New York, USA
Project 2013-2015, realization 2015-2018

Located at West Street between Leroy and Clarkson Streets in Manhattan, New York, 160 Leroy is a residential building with fifty-seven apartments. Situated along the Hudson River Greenway at the southwestern edge of Greenwich Village, it is a direct commission and the third project Herzog & de Meuron have realized with Ian Schrager.


Although the surrounding neighborhood consists primarily of warehouses and industrial complexes – the urban fabric left over from the industrialized waterfront of the nineteenth and early twentieth century – its building lots have been rezoned for residential use in recent years. The waterfront has also been activated as a public leisure park and promenade, the potential of which the new structure aims to uncover and incorporate as an amenity.


The site is not a typical New York building block embedded in the Manhattan city grid; it is at the edge of the city and the edge of a block. As a first step in undertaking the project, we successfully negotiated with the City to obtain an exemption from the zoning bulk regulations so that the project does not have to follow the typical street facade set-back rules. As a result, our design concept animates the building in plan rather than in section. Allowing for generous setbacks in plan at the street level, the building creates space for extra-wide sections of the pedestrian path with room for trees. It also maximizes the panoramic views of the waterfront from the interior for all of the residential units. A sinuous extrusion that softens the edges of the typical city block, the building is a continuous, unified façade – back and front, inside and out.


As a direct result of recent storm surges and flooding in New York City, particularly Hurricane Sandy, the entire building sits atop a plinth and floats comfortably above the flood plane. The overall building form shapes an inner entry courtyard that recalls the tradition of famous New York entrance courtyards – e.g., The Dakota. The lobby is deeply recessed into the building bulk, providing space for a slightly elevated and lush, planted porch along the entire street frontage. This green edge offers a pleasant experience for the everyday passersby and reinforces the experience of the waterfront promenade across the street.


The building has been conceived as a skeleton where the bones are pushed to the exterior and articulated. The structural skeleton follows the internal logic and organization of the building, expressing it on the outside and introducing a sense of scale to the height and length of the project. Within each structural bay, the glass line is kinked. It follows its own crystalline logic, creating bay windows from the interior and pushing against the structural skeleton from the inside. Our initial design proposal introduced external textile blinds for sun shading so as to give the building a softer appearance when the blinds were closed, creating a tension between three primary exterior elements: structural skeleton, crystalline, faceted glass, and textile membrane.


Following 56 Leonard Street and 215 Chrystie (Public), Leroy Street is the third building in New York by Herzog & de Meuron that explores the potential of integrating structure, facade, and space in its purest form – only concrete and glass. Collectively these projects deviate from the typical architectural model in the United States, where structure and cladding are treated independently of one another and expressed as discrete elements.
Herzog & de Meuron, 2018


Herzog & de Meuron Team:

Partners: Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Meuron, Ascan Mergenthaler (Partner in Charge)
Project Team: Philip Schmerbeck (Associate, Project Director), Christopher Cornecelli (Project Manager), Charles Stone (Associate, Project Director)
Iwona Bogusławska, Simon Demeuse (Associate), Nazli Ergani, Jennifer Gutteridge, Evangelia Goula, Josh Helin, Tyler Noblin, Cristian Oprea, Marco Uliana, Jean-Paul Willemse



Ian Schrager Company, New York, New York, USA


Client Representative:

Ray Del Savio (Colliers International) New York, New York, USA



Design Consultant: Herzog & de Meuron, Basel, Switzerland
Executive Architect: S9, New York, NY, USA
Landscape Design: Madison Cox, New York, NY, USA
Construction Management: Gorton & Partners, New York, NY, USA
Mechanical Engineering: ADS, New York, NY, USA

Structural Engineering: Desimone, New York, NY, USA

Civil Engineer: Langan, New York, NY, USA

Lighting Design: Isometrix, London, UK



Geotechnical Consultant: Langan, New York, NY, USA

Lighting Consultant: Fisher Marantz Stone, New York, NY, USA

Vertical Transportation: VDA, New York, NY, USA

Acoustician: Longman Lindsey, New York, NY, USA

Attorney General Counsel: Starr Associates LLP, New York, NY, USA

AV & Low Voltage: Mode Green, Chatham, NJ, USA

Building Maintenance: ENTEK, New York, NY, USA

Code Consultant: CCI, New York, NY, USA

Con Edison Consultant: Steve Wood, Grasonville, MD, USA

Concrete Consultant: Reginald Hough Assoc., Rhinebeck, NY, USA

Environmental Engineer: Langan, New York, NY, USA

Expeditor: JAM Code Consultants, New York, NY, USA

Facade Consultant: GMS, New York, NY, USA

Fire Place Consultant: Home Crafts, Inc, West Babylon, NY, USA

Land Use Attorney: Fox Rothschild LLP, New York, NY, USA

Landscape Architect: MPFP, New York, NY, USA

Marketing Consultant: DBOX, New York, NY, USA

Pool Consultant: Trace Pool Design, White Plains, NY, USA

Pre-Con Survey: Dinan Associates, Fort Lee, NJ, USA

Special Inspections: Atlantic Engineering, Avenel, NJ, USA

Stone Consultant: Ramsey Stone Consultants, Dallas, TX, USA

Wind Tunnel: Gradient Wind Engineering, Ottawa, ON, Canada


Building Data:

Site Area: 28,377 sqft / 2,636 sqm

Gross Floor Area (GFA): 225,990 sqft / 20,995 sqm 

Number of Levels: 12

Footprint:15,205 sqft / 1,413 sqm

Length: 20 ft / 61 m

Width: 175 ft / 73 m

Height: 155 ft / 47 m

Facade Surface: 88,000 sqft /  8,175 sqm


Use / Function

Lobby / Entry: 1,590 sqft / 148 sqm includes mail room & front desk

Amenity Pool: Total pool area including deck 2,406 sqft / 223 sqm

Pool & Hot tub only: 1,083 sqft / 100 sqm

Amenity Lounge: 1,056 sqft / 98 sqm includes public kitchen equipped w/ flood-proof emergency sink

Amenity Kid's Room: 645 sqft / 60 sqm includes kitchen equipped w/ flood-proof emergency sink & built-in flat screen TV

Retail Area: 831 sqft / 77 sqm includes ADA restroom, fit-out will be by tenant. Includes 1,328 sqft / 123 sqm of storage in basement

Amenity Exercise Room: 1,755 sqft / 163 sqm includes 147 sqft / 14 sqm yoga room
Amenity Spa Area:

Steam Room: 90 sqft / 8 sqm

Sauna: 88 sqft / 8 sqm

Massage Treatment Room: 172 sqft / 16 sqm

Changing Rooms & Bathroom: 209 sqft / 19 sqm

Parking Garage: 3,733 sqft / 347 sqm includes 11 Parking Spaces

Tenant Storage: 3,022 sqft / 281 sqm individual tenant storage units

Residential Units: 57 Total Units

Total area: 136,966 sqft / 12,725 sqm

Roof Terrace - North: 4961 sqft / 461 sqm

Roof Terrace - South: 2,600 sqft / 242 sqm

Bulkhead Mechanical - North: 2,758 sqft / 256 sqm

Bulkhead Mechanical - South: 3,044 sqft / 283 sqm