Helvetia Campus Basel
Basel, Switzerland
Project 2013 -

Over the next few years, Helvetia will convert its Basel head office into a Campus by tidying up the spatial and architectural organization of its premises on two plots to the north and south of St. Alban-Anlage. In addition, part of the area will be made accessible to the public. Precise interventions will enhance the visibility of existing urban points of reference. A new figure will mark the head office of the insurance company: residential housing will be concentrated on the plot to the north, while the plot to the south will be reserved for the company’s distinctive head office. The two sections will be visually linked with the respective green areas. In this way, the original function of St. Alban-Anlage in Basel as a spacious boulevard between the medieval core of the city and its expansion in the 19th century will be revitalized and substantially improved for people enjoying the green boulevard.

The most conspicuous modification on the plot to the south is a new, 12-storey office building as a complement to the existing building of the 1950s, thereby anchoring the latter more clearly as part of Basel‘s urban fabric. This will give Helvetia an unmistakable presence and a built identity. An additional structure placed in between to link the twin buildings will be explicitly identified as the main entrance to the campus. Clearly recognizable and with an open ground plan, the auditorium accommodated in this in-between structure gives the impression of an elevated plaza. The auditorium will be used for Helvetia’s in-house events and will also be available for outside events, thereby giving it a semi-public character. The “Helvetia Boulevard” for in-house use will run parallel to St. Alban-Anlage, connecting the old and new buildings. Both company staff and others can meet here and engage in exchange, enjoying the expansive landscaped areas or the public café on the top floor of the new office building.

In a second phase of development, residential housing will be concentrated on the other side of St. Alban-Anlage to the north. A new building is planned with three types of flats, the largest with 3 ½ rooms, as well as guest accommodations for Helvetia staff. The ground floor, with a view of the greenery, will be available for public uses.
Herzog & de Meuron, 2015


Client: Helvetia Schweizerische Lebensversicherungsgesellschaft AG

Herzog & de Meuron Project Team: 
Partners:Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Meuron, Stefan Marbach, Andreas Fries (Partner in Charge)
Project Team: Linxi Dong (Associate, Project Director), Alexander Reichert (Associate, Project Mangager), Alexander Stern (Project Architect)
Roman Aebi (Workshop), Farhad Ahmad (Digital Technologies), Michal Baurycza (Digital Technologie), Massimo Corradi (Digital Technologies), Michel Frei, Vasilis Kalisperakis (Digital Technologies), Áron Lőrincz (Digital Technologies), Hadi Madwar, Magnus Möschel, Sina Momtaz, Nuno Reis Pereira, Zaïra Pourier (Workshop), Philipp Schaefle, Marc Schmidt (Associate), Kai Strehlke (Digital Technologies), Diana-Ionela Toader

Project Architect: Herzog & de Meuron, Basel Ltd., Basel, Switzerland
General Designer: Rapp Architekten AG, Basel, Switzerland
Electrical Engineering: Hefti, Hess, Martignoni, Aarau, Switzerland
HVAC Engineering:Waldhauser, Hermann, Basel, Switzerland
Hochtrasser, Glaus, Zürich, Switzerland
Landscape Design: Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten, Zürich, Switzerland
Structural Engineering: Schnetzer Puskas, Basel, Switzerland
HVAC Coordination: Sytec, Binningen, Switzerland

Use / Function Office:
Office building (315 workplaces)
Auditorium (250 seats)
Canteen (300 seats), Guest restaurant (120 seats), Café (100 seats)
Renovation of existing office buildings

Use / Function Office Housing Development:
1.5 room apt. with 1 bathroom
2.5 room apt. with 1 bathroom
2.5 room apt. with 2 bathrooms
Guest rooms