Schaulager Satellite
Messeplatz Basel/Art Basel, Basel, Switzerland
Project and realization 2011-2012, 4-17 June 2012

The Schaulager Satellite is an abstraction of the original Schaulager forecourt. The recognizable form is duplicated to address the multiple pedestrian entries located on either side of Basel’s Messeplatz. The specific location of the temporary pavilion is a response to the challenges posed by an active construction site adjacent to the plaza. It’s location is an attempt to improve the quality of a public space compromised by heavy trafffic and limited accessibility. Situated next to Hall 2 of the Messe Convention Center, the Schaulager Satellite will be offset from Art Basel’s silver banner and sit on a public stage constructed to cover an existing fountain. The platform provides a venue for Take-Away, Schaulager bookstore, Welcome House and two commissioned art pieces. These programmatic elements are contained within four “boxes” while the rest of the platform remains open to the public for free circulation between Messeplatz and the entry to Hall 2. In addition to containing program elements, three of the boxes provide structural support to the floating mass above. Entered via a grand stair, the pavilion contains a 8 meter high faceted room who’s contents are displayed within thick walls and on video monitors located in the three pointed corners. A large opening to both below and above provides natural light, air circulation and a connection to the public space below.


Herzog & de Meuron Team:
Partners: Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Meuron
Project Team: Jason Frantzen (Associate), Martin Fröhlich (Associate, Project Director), Christian Zerreis (Project Manager)
Iwona Boguslawska, Xin Li

Client: Laurenz Foundation, Basel, Switzerland

Architect Planning: Herzog & de Meuron, Basel, Switzerland
General Contractor, Structural Engineering: Nüssli, Hüttwilen, Switzerland

Specialist, Consulting:
Structure (Steel): DeBUE, Berlin, Germany
Facade Consulting (Membrane): CTM-Solution, Sarnen, Switzerland
Lighting, Audio/Video: iart, Basel, Switzerland
Signage: New Identity, Basel, Switzerland
Gastronomy Consulting: Chefs on Fire, Basel, Switzerland

Building Data:
Building Footprint: 325sqm
Building Dimensions: Length 36m, Width 23m, Height 11m
Gross Floor Area: 386sqm

- Temporary building, steel structure with OSB (Wood) and PVC cladding
- Welcome Center, bookshop, kiosk (café), 5 display cases, 4 LED screens, 4 thematic video stations, 3 artist documentary videos


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Vol. No. 157/158, Madrid, Arquitectura Viva SL, 09.2012.
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