Sweet Dreams, Landscape #1 and Tools #1, Edition 1
Basel, Switzerland
Project and production 2004

An initially vague idea has led to Sweet Dreams, a new group of objects first presented at the exhibition, Herzog & de Meuron. No. 250. An Exhibition, at the Schaulager in Basel. They form a counterpoint to the traces and waste products created in the design process. They are fantastic shapes of cast and sculptured sugar landscapes. Unrelated to a particular project, they follow the trail of formal ideas that preoccupy the architects like a vague obsession.

Curators of the collection at Basel University permitted us to make casts of three original Acheulean finds from the oldest Stone Age, between 500,000 and 100,000 thousand years old, for further experiments. We selected three completely different objects: a hand axe, a blade and a laurel-leaf point.


Herzog & de Meuron Team:
Partners: Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Meuron
Project Team: Esther Zumsteg Roman Aebi, Mariano Ciccone, Monika Annen, Jobst Jungclaus

In Collaboration with:
Ricola AG, Laufen and Confiserie Schiesser AG, Basel

Scientific Advisor:
Ingmar Braun, Dipl. phil. (Palaeolithic artefacts)

Landscape #1: Series 1, Edition of 70, 2 a. p., 2004; Tools # 1: Series 1, Edition of 500, 2004

Landscape #1: cast acrylic glass, 8mm x 50 cm x 50 cm basic panel; Tools #1: silicone

Isomalt®, natural colorant, natural flavours, food varnish

Landscape #1: red; Tools # 1: transparent, yellow, orange, pink, light green, dark green, light brown, dark brown

Landscape #1: 50x 50 cm per unit, height between 10cm and 60cm; Tools #1: hand axe: ca. 14.0x 6.5x 4.0cm, blade: ca. 14.5 x 6.5 x 3.5 cm, laurel leaf: ca. 25.0x 5.7x 1.0cm

Sweet Dreams / Landscape #1 and Tools #1 have been developed for the exhibition at Schaulager Basel/Münchenstein: Herzog & de Meuron. No.250. An Exhibition, 8 May – 12 September 2004
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