Hosanna Winery
Pomerol, France
Project 2001-2003

We followed a variety of trails in seeking a suitable architectural response to ‘Hosanna’, the new wine created by Christian Moueix. Common to all of the approaches is the involvement of the almost mythical landscape on the plateau of Pomerol. The landscape is divided up into much smaller parcels then in Napa Valley, where we built the Dominus Winery for the same client. The project, fully detailed and ready for execution, was designed to house the three basic phases of production in three parallel units: barrique cellar, tank room and bottle storage. A longitudinal extruded shape, poured in concrete, would mirror the work processes in petrified form. Although the folded elongated structure would have blended into the topography of a landscape dominated by vineyards more effectively than conventional architecture, the local authorities opposed the project and it had to be shelved.
Herzog & de Meuron, 2004


Herzog & de Meuron Team:
Partners: Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Meuron
Project Architects: Jean-Frédéric Lüscher (Associate), Guillaume Delemazure
Project Team: Francesco Brenta, Jennifer Carré, Blanca Castañeda, François Charbonnet, Patrick Heiz, Gilles Le Coultre

Etablissement Jean Pierre Moueix, Quai du Priourat, Libourne, France; Christian & Cherise Moueix

General Planning: Herzog & de Meuron, Basel, Switzerland
Associate Architect: Serge Lansalot, Epure Architecte, Pomerol, France
Structural Engineering: ZPF Ingenieure AG, Basel, Switzerland
Mechanical Engineering: CETAB Ingénierie, Bordeaux, France

Specialist / Consultant:
Fire Protection: Veritas, Bordeaux, France

Building Data:
Site Area: 65,000sqm / 699,660sqft
Building Footprint: 1,400sqm / 15,069sqft
Building Dimensions: Length: 70m / 229ft, Width 20m 7 65m, Height 9m / 29ft
Gross Floor Area: 1,330sqm / 14,316sqft


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