St. Jakob-Park Basel, Football Stadium, Commercial Centre and Residence for the Elderly
Basel, Switzerland
Project 1996, 1998, realization 1998-2002

The architects were consulted only after a preliminary project by the general contractor had been submitted which determined the volumetric expansion and the commercially usable areas within the framework of the law for this location. They were attracted by the opportunity to participate in the design of this large-scale project with a soccer arena and stores; however, they had no wish to retain control over each and every detail. They concentrated their efforts on several essential elements that would provide the site with an unmistakable identity - for example, the translucent colouration of the stadium’s shell; the colour concept based on the complimentary colours of red (stadium’s interior) and green (lawn); the proportions and the roof construction of the stadium arena (namely its flat underside); the long horizontal façades of the senior citizen residence; as well as the lobbies and entrance areas of the stadium and the residence.
Herzog & de Meuron, 2001


Herzog & de Meuron Team:
Partners: Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Meuron, Christine Binswanger
Project Architects: Stefan Marbach (Associate), Richard Wickli
Project Team: Osman Askari, Dieter Dietz, Andy Fries, Susanne Kleinlein, Angelika Krestas, Lukas Kupfer, Sebastian Massmann, Hans-Ulrich Matter, Wolfgang Hardt, Konstantin Karagiannis

Miteigentümergesellschaft (MEG)
Winterthur Lebensversicherungs-Gesellschaft
SUVA Luzern
Pensionskasse des Basler Staatspersonals

Color Concept:
Collaboration: Rémy Zaugg, Basel, Switzerland
Letters Seating: Michèle Zaugg-Röthlisberger, Basel, Switzerland

General Contractor: Marazzi Generalunternehmung AG, Bern, Switzerland
Architect Planning: Herzog & de Meuron, Basel, Switzerland
Structural Engineering: Rothpletz/Lienhard, Bern, Switzerland
Electrical Engineering: Graf & Reber AG, Basel, Switzerland; Hefti, Hess, Martignoni, Aarau, Switzerland
HAVC Engineering: Gruneko AG, Basel, Schweiz; Gähler & Partner AG, Ennetbaden, Schweiz
Plumbing Engineering: Bogenschütz AG, Basel, Switzerland; Sanplan Ingenieure, Liestal, Switzerland
Landscape Design: Fahrni & Breitenfeld, Basel, Switzerland; Aegerter & Bosshard, Basel, Switzerland

Specialist / Consulting:
Lighting: DELUX Theater Lighting, Zürich, Switzerland
Guidance System: New Identity, Basel, Switzerland

Building Data:
Gross Floor Area: 67,000sqm / 721,188sqft
Seats total: 31,500
Total capacity: standing room and seats: 36,500
Building Dimensions: Length 173m / 567ft, Width 28m / 91ft, Altitude 24m / 78ft
Stadium Dimensions: Length 183m / 600ft, Width 133m / 433ft, Altitude 35m / 114ft


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