Railway Engine Depot Auf dem Wolf
Basel, Switzerland
Project 1989, realization 1991-1995

As part of an overall renovation program for Basel's main station, the new railway engine depot and signal box were part of a first construction phase. Situated on a triangular junction of numerous tracks, the configuration of the depot and workshop sheds express the tight functional displacement of the volumes. This was the starting point of the design.

The structural system generated from this series of linear buildings is one of cast in-situ reinforced concrete walls with a roof structure of deep, one-storey high square-section steel girders. This roof structure allows for sky lighting to the deep plan space. The girders support a series of quasi-tensile membranes that are covered by grass, protecting the membrane and acting as an ideal insulator for both summer and winter climatic conditions. To the south end of the plan there is a three-storey office block which spans across four girders of varying widths.
Herzog & de Meuron, 1995


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Herzog & de Meuron Team:
Partners: Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Meuron
Project Team: Ferdinand Faklam, Philippe Fürstenberger, Nik Graber, Harry Gugger, Klaus Loehnert, Stefan Marbach

Schweizerische Bundesbahnen – Hochbau Kreis II

Construction Management: Burckhardt & Partner, Basel, Switzerland
Structural Engineering: Proplan Ing. AG, Basel, Switzerland
Electrical Planning: Selmoni AG, Basel, Switzerland
Climate Control Design: Sulzer Energieconsulting AG, Liestal, Switzerland
Sanitary Planning: Balduin Weisser AG, Basel, Switzerland

Specialist / Consulting:
Steel constructions: Jakem AG, Münchwilen, Switzerland
General Planning: Proplan Ing. AG, Basel, Switzerland
General Contractor: Arge GU Marti AG, Basel, Switzerland

Building Data:
Building Area: 16,310sqm / 175,561sqft
Gross Floor Area: 24,550sqm / 264,256sqft