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 Ronquoz 21 Enters a New Phase

SION, SWITZERLAND, 17 March 2022 – Following the international competition won in 2019, the vision for Ronquoz 21 has been further developed in close collaboration with the urban planning and mobility department of the City of Sion and is now starting a participatory process involving a dialogue with the present and future users.


A “Plan Guide” defines the main principles of a gradual and sustainable transformation of the neighborhood. New public spaces, an innovative mobility concept, and a sustainable approach to the built environment are at the core of a project deeply rooted in the territory of Valais.


“We are now entering the phase where these visions become reality, and we want to do so by bringing together the people of Sion, the owners and users of Ronquoz 21," explains Philippe Varone, Mayor of Sion. To this purpose, an exhibition, guided tours, an online survey and participatory workshops with the owners and residents of the area are organized within the coming weeks.


Strongly connected to the local identity, the project ensures the development of a sustainable neighborhood where current industrial and crafts activities and future uses coexist. "The Plan Guide opts for an innovative and pragmatic approach. The project is implemented progressively, through different phases and different areas of development. Ronquoz 21 will be a neighborhood that dialogues with its citizens and its territory, in a balance between radicality and delicacy, between energy and gentleness, through a design that expresses the detail of a careful and pleasant architecture to the strength of the great landscape of Sion," underlines Pierre de Meuron.