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New design for Paketpost-Areal unveiled

MUNICH, GERMANY, 26 July 2019 – The design for the 87,000 square metre Paketposthalle area in Munich was presented to the public this week. Herzog & de Meuron was commissioned to develop an urban study outlining a holistic concept that would incorporate landscape, infrastructure and housing. The resulting masterplan envisages an urban, inner-city quarter with a mix of housing, business premises and spaces for social and cultural activities.


The Paketposthalle [Parcel Post Hall], a historically listed 19,000 square metre landmark building from the 1960s, will become the centre of a new quarter. Jacques Herzog said: “The Paketposthalle is an extraordinary example of engineering, which will be open to guests and the residents of Munich in its new function as a place of culture and encounter. It will become the nucleus of a new, dense and mixed neighbourhood like the one in the centre of the city.”


This new district hub will be clearly marked and widely recognisable as part of the urban landscape: the masterplan envisages placing two towers of around 155m high, with a geometric form derived from the sweeping curve of the Paketposthalle roof, thereby creating a specific point of reference within the city.


Around the hall, there will be a district of six-storey courtyard buildings, which will offer space for housing and commercial use. The clear yet flexible urban typology will form a dense urban context that contrasts with the scale of the hall and towers.


The Paketposthalle will continue to be used as a postal facility until around 2023. In the meantime, a development plan setting out the legal framework will be devised for the new quarter.