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Helvetia Campus Construction Start

BASEL, SWITZERLAND, 11 October 2019 – Over the next few years, Helvetia will convert its Basel head office into a Campus. Construction work will start mid-October. The insurance company will redefine the use and architectural layout of the premises, on two parcels of land to the north and south of the St. Alban-Anlage. Parts of the area will also be made accessible to the public.


Helvetia will expand its Basel head office to make space for up to 350 new staff members. The most notable modification is a new, 12-story office building on the St. Alban-Anlage. This new building will complement the existing building of the 1950s, which will also undergo extensive renovation.


The north side of the St. Alban complex will see the construction of a new residential building, while the spacious park will be preserved. The entire project is expected to last until the end of 2027.