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Redevelopment of historic Brewery in Moscow

MOSCOW, RUSSIA, 20 March 2018 – The redevelopment of the Badaevskiy Brewery in Moscow has been unveiled to the public today. The six-hectare former factory area in Moscow is located seven kilometers west from the Kremlin, at the shore of Moscow River. The factory grounds and the embankment will be opened to the public, the heritage industrial structures restored and brought back to life, and a new building added. Elevated 35 metres in the air, the new building creates a new public park beneath, and sits on many slender stilts like an elevated lodge in the forest.


Jacques Herzog: “Moscow is a city with a rich and controversial cultural and political heritage, with architectures reflecting avant-garde as well as conservative trends in the course of history. Our project for the redevelopment of Badaevskiy factory inserts itself in this very history and tradition of Moscow urbanism – it respects and re-uses existing industrial buildings while adding and overlaying them with radically contemporary structures.”

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