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Cornerstone Ceremony for the Meret Oppenheim Tower
BASEL, SWITZERLAND, 24 June 2016 – Today the cornerstone for the Meret Oppenheim Tower was laid in the presence of Pierre de Meuron and representatives of the City of Basel, the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) and the Swiss national radio and television company (SRF).

The Meret Oppenheim project is an 80m high tower located in the Gundeldinger quarter (“Gundeli”) and is part of the Südpark ensemble. In 2002, Herzog & de Meuron won the Südpark competition to develop two plots south of Basel’s main train station owned by the SBB. The first project, Südpark, was completed in 2012.

The form of the tower is the result of stacking volumes of different sizes. The concept of stacking allows breaking down the scale of this unusually tall building at the edge of the large track field on one side, and facing the narrowness and the scale of the historic neighbourhood of “Gundeli” on the other side.