Official Opening of Asklepios 8 on the Novartis Campus in Basel
BASEL, SWITZERLAND, 26 May 2015 – Asklepios 8, an office building on the Novartis Campus in Basel Switzerland, officially opened. The masterplan of the Novartis Campus in Basel calls for a uniform building height of 23.5 m. The building is substantially taller (63m) than the rest of the campus buildings because it is situated at the outermost corner of the campus, where the open expanse of the river Rhine invites a different scale. Other taller buildings may flank the Rhine in future, anchoring the campus in the cityscape of Basel. The orthogonal geometry and volume of the Rhine front relates directly to the streets and squares of the campus behind it. Asklepios 8 consists of two cubes of almost the same height, placed on top of each other. Between the two cubes, a high open space provides a spacious lounge for a wide spectrum of activities, events, working situations and seminars. The building is home to development pharma, commercial and medical affairs and product strategy teams.