Inauguration Ceremony of the Slow Food Pavilion in Milan
MILAN, ITALY, 19 May 2015 – The inauguration ceremony of the Slow Food Pavilion in Milan with Carlo Petrini and Jacques Herzog will take place on Tuesday, 19 May from 3 to 5 pm. 

Jacques Herzog says: “We had indeed always seen that place, a triangular piece of land at the very eastern end of the Expo's central boulevard, well-positioned to become one of the main public forums within our masterplan concept. For this area we designed three shacks, archaic, almost primitive wood structures that define the triangular space of an interior courtyard or market place. The pavilion should allow the visitors to discover the significance of agricultural and food biodiversity, to explore the variety of the products that are protagonists of biodiversity, and to become aware of the need of adopting new consumption habits.”

Herzog & de Meuron originally were involved in the Expo Milan masterplanning in 2009 as part of the Architecture Advisory Board together with Ricky Burdett, Stefano Boeri Architetti, William McDonough + Partners. The proposal was a radical approach, which tried to re-invent the concept of a World Exhibition. It was around 2011 when Herzog & de Meuron understood that only the geometric pattern of the masterplan would be realized by the EXPO organization. They stopped working on the project in 2011 and to their own surprise started again in 2014 to work on a project for the Expo Milan 2015, the Slow Food Pavilion, situated in a very interesting place within the masterplan of the exhibition.