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Naturbad Riehen Inaugurated
RIEHEN, SWITZERLAND, 14 June 2014 – With a ceremonial inauguration followed by an open house the Naturbad Riehen officially opened its doors to the public today. The history of the project goes back to the early years of Herzog & de Meuron, when the office won the competition in 1979 to design a new swimming pool for the municipality of Riehen. Three unrealized projects followed until the office was commissioned to rethink the concept of a new pool project in 2007. The idea of building an unconventional swimming pool close to nature arose. The now completed project of the Naturbad Riehen goes back to the simplicity of bathing, which is anchored in the local tradition of the region and which plays with the charm of an idyllic bath. This conscious naturalness is reflected in the architectural structure of the Naturbad Riehen. On the one hand by the decision to use wood as the primary material and on the other hand by its formal language which draws on the tradition of old bathhouses and translates it into a contemporary shape. In addition the standard geometric swimming pool is transformed into a bathing pond where the water is cleaned by planted cascades naturally filtering the water instead of chemicals.