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Foundation Stone laid for Porta Volta Fondazione Feltrinelli
MILAN, ITALY, 06 November 2014 - The foundation stone of Porta Volta Fondazione Feltrinelli was laid today by Milan’s Major Giuliani Pisapia, Deputy Major and Responsible of the City’s Urban planning Ada Lucia De Cesaris, Director of Feltrinelli Group Carlo Feltrinelli and Jacques Herzog.

As part of the redefinition of the area Porta Volta, Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli will relocate its seat to the northern centre of Milan, which the Feltrinelli Group considers as an ideal environment for the foundation’s multiple activities. The overall masterplan for Porta Volta, consisting of the Fondazione, two new office buildings, and a generous green area, holds an important strategic potential for creating a positive impact on the surrounding area. This undertaking by the Feltrinelli Group has an important urban dimension in the sense that it strengthens and reinforces the City of Milan.

The intervention in Porta Volta will intrinsically be a Milanese Project. With their scale, structure and repetition and being conceived as twin buildings, the new edifices are taking up themes of Milanese urbanism and architecture, which through the course of history have led to a series of emblematic buildings for which the City of Milan is renowned.

Feltrinelli commissioned Herzog & de Meuron in 2008.