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Naturbad Riehen Breaks Ground
RIEHEN, SWITZERLAND, 9 April 2013 – Today’s event marks the start of the construction of Naturbad Riehen, a natural swimming pool. Building a pool for the municipality of Riehen is a project, which has accompanied Herzog & de Meuron since the founding of the practice in 1978. After winning a competition in 1979 and developing several unrealized projects in the following years, Herzog & de Meuron were commissioned to rethink the concept of a new pool in 2007. The idea of building an unconventional swimming pool close to nature arose. Expressed on technical, architectural and material levels, the standard geometric swimming pool is transformed into a bathing lake where technical systems and machine rooms vanish, to be substituted by planted filtering cascades. The Naturbad Riehen will provide new and valuable public space open whole year long for the local population of Riehen. Planned completion is expected for 2014.