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Wasserstadt Solothurn – Living by the Water
SOLOTHURN, SWITZERLAND, 29 February 2012 – Today the revised concept study for the new “Wasserstadt Solothurn” was presented. Situated on the Aare river, in between the cities of Basel, Bern and Zurich, Solothurn is best known for its baroque town centre. Not far from the historic centre, a former waste disposal site will be decontaminated and rehabilitated for a new residential development. “Wasserstadt Solothurn” wraps around a newly created river loop that extends from the Aare. Here “Living by the Water” is defined by a curving public promenade, streets and squares perpendicular to the river, and by shared vistas and views to the water. The neighbourhood combines different residential typologies in a concentrated area that covers one third of the total site. This allows the majority of “Wasserstadt Solothurn” to be left largely in a natural state as a river loop and a green island.