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Tate Modern Tanks Open to the Public
LONDON, UK, 16 July 2012 – Initiated in 2005, the first phase of Tate’s expansion programme – The Tate Modern Project - begins with the opening of Tate Modern’s Tanks dedicated to exhibiting live art, performance, installation and film works. Unveiled today, The Tanks are raw, industrial spaces over thirty metres across and seven metres high. The Tanks should not be seen as an annexe but as the roots of something to come: they are not just an addition to what exists, or a decorative feature, but something really fundamental to Tate’s vision. The spaces they provide may seem different, but if you consider them within the entire complex of Tate Modern they will complete the variety of spaces, both old and new, as they are completely unique. The Tanks are open for a fifteen-week festival from 18 July to 28 October 2012 celebrating performance and installation art.
Herzog & de Meuron, July 2012